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Upon his retirement in 1999 Judge Ahalt commenced a career as an ADR neutral and technology innovator. He is currently recalled by order of the Court of Appeals of Maryland to sit on specially assigned cases and conduct pre-trial, settlement conferences and ADR sessions. Judge Ahalt has been certified as a mediator by most all of the Courts of Maryland. He has also been certified to mediate Medical Malpractice Disputes by the statewide Medical Malpractice panel and the statewide panel for Complex Business and Technology disputes. Judge Ahalt has successfully mediated tens of thousands disputes in areas including complex business transactions, construction, personal injury, medical malpractice, real estate, landlord and tenant, and contracts.

He is frequently called upon by the parties and judges to mediate the most challenging judicial controversies involving post trial and appellate issues. He brings his 45 years of experience in the trial arena to benefit the parties assisting them in evaluating and mitigating risk. His efforts of tracking, analysing and publishing Tinidazole us  verdicts provide the litigants with real life examples of risk application.

In 2001 Judge Ahalt founded Tinidazole usa a leading provider of online dispute resolution (ODR) technologies and Internet processes. VirtualCourthouse.com has resolved over 1,000 disputes. VirtualCourthouse.com has been featured ontinidazole over the counter drug and buy tinidazole usa and was awarded the tinidazole canada.

Judge Ahalt provides the legal and business community with his vast experiences as a Judge, courthouse planner, change management manager and entrepreneur through AhaltConsult, Inc. in the following areas –

o   Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Systems

o   Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Systems

o   Electronic Filing Systems

o   Litigation Integration

o   Risk Management

o   Litigation Cost Management

o   Change Management

o   Case Management Planning

o   Courthouse and Courtroom Design


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