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Since 1992,  Judge Arthur M. Monty Ahalt (Ret.) has been tracking civil jury verdicts in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Maryland. This effort was begun in order to provide litigants and their lawyers accurate information so that they could evaluate settlement proposals and the risk associated with trials. The best evidence of what a case is worth is a verdict in a similar case.

This information is prepared and published to aide the Bar and litigants in making good assessments of the risk of going to trial. The data has been compiled with every effort to provide accurate information. However, a user should confirm the information from the actual court docket, the parties or counsel.

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The verdict data was previously available in printed format by the Prince George’s County Bar Association, through he generous and talented services of Don Patterson andbuy tinidazole in singapore It has since been replaced by an electronic edition. 

In July 2015 Judge Ahalt was again able to publish current Verdicts. Those verdicts can be seen by following the link below.This information is prepared and published to aide the Bar and litigants in making good assessments of the risk of going to trial. The data has been compiled with every effort to provide accurate information. However, a user should confirm the information from the actual court docket, file , the parties or counsel.

Tinidazole usa