Maryland Judicial Conference Honoree

Resolution of the Maryland Judicial Conference

Honoring the Honorable Arthur M. Monty Ahalt

On September 17, 1999, the Honorable Arthur M. Monty Ahalt retired after seventeen years as an Associate Judge on the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County. He presided over almost 800 jury trials and was one of the youngest judges appointed to that Court on February 9, 1982.

Judge Ahalt, a lifelong resident of Prince George’s County, was born on April 27, 1942. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1964, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural economics. In 1967, he secured his Juris Doctor degree from the Washington College of Law of the American University. Subsequently, Judge Ahalt served as a law clerk for Blair H. Smith, the Honorable Ralph W. Powers and the Honorable J. Dudley Digges. Thereafter, Judge Ahalt entered the private practice of law as a litigator until his appointment to the Circuit Court in 1982.

Judge Ahalt, a long standing member and past president of the Prince George’s County Bar Association, has also been a member of the American Bar Association, the American Inns of Court, the Maryland State Bar Association and the Maryland Bar Foundation, and has assumed numerous leadership roles with those organizations. Of particular note was Judge Ahalt’s tireless efforts in the area of law-related education. In 1969, he chaired the youth and law committee for the Maryland State Bar Association and successfully advocated for the creation of a special committee on the law-related education in 1973, which he chaired until his retirement.

Judge Ahalt’s exemplary efforts have been recognized locally and nationally, as reflected, for example, by his receipt of the Isadore Starr Award from the American Bar Association, which is the highest award given by the American Bar Association for law-related educational efforts. Judge Ahalt’s efforts as a lecturer and publisher in the field of law-related education have expanded the level of pro bono participation by attorneys in mock trial competitions and classroom visits and has touched the lives of countless teachers, students and lay persons regarding the law. His efforts also have generated millions of dollars from private and public organizations for law-related education projects.

Judge Ahalt also has chaired the Courts Technology and Settlement Conference Committees and has served as Coordinating Judge of the Court’s civil division of the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County for three years. It was the latter, in particular, which served as the impetus for the Court’s JusticeLink program. During retirement, Judge Ahalt has assumed a major role with JusticeLink and the pace of his community and legal activities has not diminished.

Judge Ahalt is very mindful of his responsibilities and service to God and his fellow human beings. He is always available to family, friends, and colleagues alike. Judge Ahalt’s contributions to the Bench and to the community will remain indelibly upon the pages of time.

WHEREAS, it is the desire of the Conference to express its gratitude and appreciation for Judge Ahalt’s years of service on the Bench;

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that the Maryland Judicial Conference acknowledges its profound respect for Judge Ahalt’s years of faithful service to the public and, in particular, his priceless contribution as a jurist in the finest tradition of the State of Maryland;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the resolution be made a permanent part of the record of the Maryland Judicial Conference and a copy hereof be delivered to Judge Ahalt.

ADOPTED unanimously by the Maryland Judicial conference, this 27th day of June, 2000.

Frank Broccolina
Executive Secretary

A man in red sweater and white shirt smiling.

Judge Arthur M. Monty Ahalt (Ret.)

Upon his retirement in 1999 Judge Ahalt commenced a career as an ADR neutral and technology innovator.

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