Issue 2.9 A Review

VirtualCourthouse: Issue 2.9 A Review

Judge Arthur M. Monty Ahalt

This Article was first published in the Prince George’s County, Maryland Journal/Newsletter

A Review

Time flies when you’re having fun — and technology falls into that category. Enthusiasm soars when the idea light comes on. So many tasks become easier. The virtual courthouse is coming closer to reality.

It is time for a review this month. No test is on the horizon — so relax. Over the past year, we have covered a lot of ground. All prior articles are accessible on the Internet — yes it’s time to connect.

What you will find below is a series of webpage links. If you are still living in a paper world, the links will not be as helpful as they will be in the electronic world. In the paper world, you will make a photocopy of this article, if you think it will be useful in the future. Then you will file the photocopy in one or more files and hope you or your secretary will be able to find it one day in the future. How many times have you said to your assistant “Remember that article on webpage links — where did we file it?”

However, in the electronic world you will merely double click your mouse on the web address and voila you have that webpage on your computer screen. If you want to save the webpage address, you merely click you mouse on “Add Bookmark.” Then in your bookmark file you create subtopics for your own filing system. The hotlink is created through the marking ability of HTML — Hyptertext markup language.

Before we go to the Review, let’s go through some of your Bar Association’s Webpages. As I have said before in this column, Don Patterson deserves 10 gold stars in his column for starting up the Webpage at no cost to the Bar Association. Next time you see Don, give him a great big THANK YOU!! Better yet, employ him to develop your webpage. Call him at 301-449-1200.

Some Bar Association Webpage links:

Bar Association Home Page

President Sam DeBlasis’ Message

Bar Association Schedule of Events

Civil Jury Verdicts, 1997

Memorial for Deceased Members

Circuit Court List of Non-Binding Arbitrators


THE INFOCOSM. What is it and who created the word. Check the site: Infocosom

How to get started for the TECHNOLOGICALLY CHALLENGED lawyer or judge: Technologically Challenged


JusticeLINK EXPOSURE — What courts have looked at JusticeLINK (June 1996): JusticeLINK

GROUPWARE. What is it? How can it help you? Where can you find more information about Groupware:

An ELECTRONIC LITIGATOR’S NOTEBOOK for the trial lawyer. A groupware application? JFS regional sales manager, Brigett Miklaszewski, 410-267-0142, reports that a new marketing approach has been created for the small law firm. The lawyer does not need a network but only a modem with a PC. Costs will probably be in the $3,000 to $4,000 per year range. Find our more information at Litigator’s Notebook

Five priorities for creating a VISION for a virtual law office —
Vision for a Virtual Law Office

THE INTERNET. Why is it a value to the lawyer? Is it really any good? What can it do for a lawyer? See The Internet

THE INTERNET AND LEGAL RESEARCH. Find a short list of research Internet addresses. Save them with a click of the mouse and always have a starting point.
The Internet and Legal Research

THE INTERNET AND GROUPWARE. How do you use the Internet while you work on a brief, complaint, opinion or memorandum? The Internet and Groupware

ELECTRONIC PUBLIC ACCESS (EPA) to Court information. Find out about the history of EPA in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Maryland.
Electronic Public Access

TEN TIPS FOR A VIRTUAL LAW OFFICE. How do I start a virtual law office? Where do I start? Here are ten good tips that will give you a great starting point.
Ten Tips for a Virtual Law Office

FOUR STEPS TO PAPER FREEDOM. How can the court manage its ever increasing paper. Here is one solution? Four Steps to Paper Freedom

PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP. What is it? How can it benefit the Court? Public/Private Partnership

LITIGATION INTEGRATION. A three-part series that presents a foundation and strategy for future development of systems which will communicate litigation information:





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Judge Arthur M. Monty Ahalt (Ret.)

Upon his retirement in 1999 Judge Ahalt commenced a career as an ADR neutral and technology innovator.

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